Bonzi is Now US Soccer Connect

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    We are excited to announce that the NISL’s registration platform, “Bonzi”, has now rebranded under the name “US Soccer Connect” as part of their direct partnership with US Soccer. All of the functionality and previous log-in information for your “Bonzi” Administrator and Member accounts will remain the same, but you will no longer see the Bonzi name or logo as it has all been replaced with the new “US Soccer” branding.

    Going forward any references to NISL registration will be through the new “US Soccer Connect” name. We have already started updating our website with the new information. If you need to log into your registration accounts, please refer to the new “US Soccer Connect” log-in pages.

    Any “US Soccer Connect” technical questions can be directed to the NISL office, or the “US Soccer Connect” support staff at

    If you have any questions, please contact

    Thank you.  

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