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    NISL MEETING 05/17/2016 REVIEW

    May 17th 2016 Important Meeting Notes

    • New Website (
    • The three [3] Advisory Committees
      • The NISL has always believed that one of our missions is to grow the game of soccer in the Chicago Metropolitan Area. With this objective and the many current changes in the youth soccer landscape, the NISL is requesting its membership to form three [3] NISL Advisory Committees.
      • These 5 member committees consisting of NISL Club leaders, coaches or members with knowledge and understanding os soccer, to provide feedback and recommendations to the NISL Leadership.
      • These committees will be lead and chaired by the NISL Technical Director- Brendan Eitz. 
    • The three [3] Advisory Committees are,
    1. - To address all US mandates and the current NISL playing platform.
    2. - Rules, Regulations and Referees. - To evaluate NISL Playing Rules and Regulations and increase and strengthen the NISL Referee Program.
    3. - Disciplinary.- Investigate game misconduct by Clubs, Players, Coaches and Parents (Spectators).
    • The NISL leadership feels that input from these committee recommendations will enhance the NISL and improve the quality of the game in all NISL soccer communities.
    • If you are interested in contributing your time and talents as a member of one of these committees please email your application and soccer resume to Brendan Eitz at 
    • This came as a recommendation from the NISL DOC Meeting. Thank you.
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