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    N.I.S.L. Rescheduling Policy

    - All rescheduled games must be submitted into the league office 5 days prior to the previously agreed upon time.
    - Any game not submitted within the 5 day window will incur a $60 fine.
    - The new rescheduled game date must give the assignor 2 weeks in which to assign referees.

    - Any game that needs to be rescheduled due to an “Act of God” that is out of the team’s hands (ex: Weather, Field Closures, etc.) is not subject to fine and will be allowed, provided the teams agree to a new game date within 5 days of canceling.

    - As the league office is not open on the weekends, if you need to cancel a game due to an “Act of God,” the first priority is to confirm the cancellation with your opposing team and the home team’s referee assignor. After confirmation, please send an email complete with the Game ID # to jason@chicagosoccer.com so the league has a record of the cancellation.

    Please submit the following information to jason@chicagosoccer.com:

    1)      Game ID #

    2)      New Date of Game

    3)      New Time of Game

    4)      New Location of Game

    5)      Home & Away Team Names

    6)      Brief description of reason for rescheduling


    The NISL will confirm if the rescheduled game-time will be accepted.


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