Printing Game Day Rosters in Bonzi

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    Here is a quick guide on how to Print Game Day Rosters in Bonzi.

    Printing Game Cards for Coaches / TM’s:

    1. Direct your coaches to your .com Bonzi URL in order to log-in to a simplified version of Bonzi
        ( EX: )

     2. Have them click “Member Login” in the upper right-hand corner

    3. After they enter their Email Address and Password that they used to Register, they will be brought to their Bonzi Coach page.They just need to click “View Team Assignments”.

    4. They will see all of the teams that they are assigned to. To print the roster they click on the “Coach Schedule Page: Game Day Rosters” button on the right.

    5. There will be "Game Day Roster" buttons next to each game. they click that button for the game they would like to print, checkmark the players that they would like to add on the roster, and click the "Create game Day Roster" button.

    Thank you again for all of your hard work in making the transition to the new program.
    If you need any assistance, give us a call at 847-398-4545 or email


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