Small Sided Recommendations

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Small Sided Recommendations
5vs5, 7vs7, 9v9

Player Movement permitted only within club – No guest players.

  • NISL recommendations for 5vs5, 7vs7 and 9vs9 leagues, Players are NOT permitted to play down in divisions.



Coaches who play a player down must notify opposing coach before the game who the player or players are that are playing down and the reason for the decision.

Teams that violate the simple rule must be reported to the NISL by submitting the following form: CLICK HERE or

Teams that do not communicate that they are playing players down to opposing coaches are in jeopardy of forfeiting the game.

NISL recommendation is that players rostered on a NISL Premier League level team should not play any lower than the NISL Platinum level.

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Hello NISL Members, 
During these uncertain and trying times, the NISL will continue to keep you updated as soon as developments are made. The NISL will only consider operating a league for its membership when the expert public health advice from reliable organizations like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) make a decision that permits it safe for children to participate in NISL activities, whatever that length of time may be. Caution is our safety instruction to all.  Once the league has deemed it safe to resume activities based on the advice from these public health organizations we will update all of our members and we will provide sufficient notice prior to the start of any event or game. To be clear, all league events are suspended until further notice.


NISL Staff


Thank you,

Northern Illinois Soccer League

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