Adding Locations & Times in Bonzi

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Adding Locations in Bonzi

Login to your Bonzi Portal.

Click on the Locations Tab

Create New Location
If you created your Field Locations before, you can still use those locations.

You can use Multiple Fields in a single Location.
Click Multiple Fields / Courts, add each field with specific name.

Adding Times in Bonzi

Login to your Bonzi Portal.

Click on the League Tab

Open Collaborative Schedule
Pick the Division Folder you wish to work with.

Filter by selecting Home or Visitor, Location, Age, Dates, etc. Apply Filters.

You can change your home:
* Dates.
* Times.
* Locations.

  • You can email your opponent by clicking on the envelope to the right of the opponents team name.
  • After changes are made, Click submit changes, if the submit button is not active no changes have been made.
  • Note: When changing times, click out of the time field for the SUBMIT CHANGE GAMES to be activated.

This changes are only possible thru our open scheduling time period. Two weeks prior to scheduling meeting and two weeks after scheduling meeting.


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