U.S. Soccer Connect - Quick Guide - Uploading Player & Coach Photos and Birth Certificates

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STEP 3. Uploading Player & Coach Photos and Birth Certificates

Once you have registered your players you will be able to upload player or coaches photos and birth certificates.
Follow the Steps outlined below.
Instructions on how to update images and birth certificates are also included below.


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Northern Illinois Soccer League is adhering to the Governor's Office guidance specifying no interclub competition.  

As an essential convenience for clubs in recognition of pandemic-related restrictions and enrollment/team formation/tuition collection uncertainty, NISL has designed 2020-21 registration so clubs have player insurance and, when needed, official rosters, for practices, camps, intraclub scrimmages, etc. at an advantageously lower cost than full team registration.  Beneficially, Spring 2020 team registration credits may be used to offset these 2020-21 player registration fees.


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