New Referees

Northern Illinois Soccer League and Illinois Soccer Referee Committee work together to help Certify Over 75 New Referees


In a stride towards enhancing the quality of officiating and promoting fair play in the beautiful game, the NISL & IRSC successfully conducted a comprehensive referee education course. The league's commitment to nurturing new officiating talent and upholding the integrity of the sport was prominently displayed as IRSC certified more than 75 aspiring referees. This initiative not only showcases the league's dedication to improving the overall quality of matches but also promises to shape the future of refereeing in soccer.

Referees play a crucial role in maintaining the fairness and spirit of competition in soccer matches. Their decisions impact not only individual games but also influence the league's reputation and the players' perception of the sport. Recognizing the significance of well-trained officials, the NISL took the initiative to host a referee education course that would equip individuals with the knowledge, skills, and confidence.

The referee education course designed by the US Soccer & ISCR was a comprehensive program that encompassed a wide array of topics, ranging from the rules and regulations of the game to conflict resolution and effective communication. The curriculum was meticulously structured to strike a balance between theoretical learning and practical application.

Participants were exposed to various scenarios encountered on the field, allowing them to develop a deeper understanding of how to make split-second decisions in high-pressure situations. They were also taught about the importance of positioning, body language, and maintaining a calm demeanor to effectively manage player interactions and maintain control over the match.

The NISL’s successful endeavor to host and the ISCR educate and certify over 75 new referees is a testament to their commitment to the betterment of soccer. This initiative not only helps to raise the standards of officiating but also empowers individuals with the skills needed to maintain the integrity and beauty of the sport. As these newly certified referees’ step onto the field, they carry with them not just a certificate, but the promise of a brighter, fairer future for soccer.

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